Erin D. Matson
Erin D. Matson
farmer / environmentalist

I am a farmer and environmentalist seeking to serve the planet and its people.


My mission

I believe in the regenerative capacity of nature to live on and even thrive in the face of human extraction and destruction. Nature will outlast us. However, if humans are to continue to live and thrive within nature, we must fundamentally alter our dominant attitudes and behavior toward the world around us. 

As a farmer and a graduate student in global environmental policy, I seek locally-tailored, globally-impactful, soil-powered solutions to the harmful activities that threaten human flourishing. 

Throughout this site, I explore the challenges and opportunities across diverse and interconnected areas of focus, including sustainable agriculture, food security, climate change mitigation, environmental economics, and more. I hope you will enjoy this pastiche of my work so far.


Soil is foundational. Nurture it.