Good luck, my love!

You're gonna kill it in New York!


If you get nervous, just think of me making you laugh and loving you. You are the most precious person to me. You surprise me, you thrill me, you make me laugh. I've always seen your charm :D and they will too!

all dressed up.JPG

Oh, babylove! My babylove! 


How many ways can I say "I love you?"

I'll keep counting new ones - it's fun :)

Hey, you did good. You are competent and your ideas are insightful and valid. believe in yourself, babe, not just because it is good to cultivate self-esteem, but because you are legitimately talented! I love you!

I love you - not just because you are my babe, but because you are an incredible person. Driven, adventurous, tough and resilient, powerful, political, beautiful and endlessly engaging. You are the partner I choose again and again.