Habits and Frugality

It's hard to ignore the desire for the comfortable and familiar foods of home. And yet, even in a relatively cheap country like Georgia (and converting cash from an unusually strong US dollar), we can't afford to eat like we would at home for every meal. That doesn't mean that we haven't pushed the limits, though:

But in between succumbing to those darn tasty American-style (yes, the sushi definitely had American-style influences!) meals, we are sampling some of the best of Georgian cuisine, which not surprisingly can be procured for much more reasonable prices. As you can see, we've mostly focused on the carb + cheese combos so far:

And still, some days I want the classic comfort of cheese and crackers. And while we can buy both here, it's not quite the same as what you'd get back home. The crackers aren't quite as... buttery. And the cheeses (except for the one block of cheddar I found at the local grocery!) don't have the same eat-ability as the stuff in the U.S. So in the spirit of thriftiness, domesticity, and longing for home, I made some crackers today. Based on this recipe from The Kitchn, I finely chopped the last of some smoked sulguni cheese, some rosemary gleaned from one of the many rosemary bushes-as-shrubbery around here, and made some smoked-cheese-and-rosemary crackers. Cheaper, and more delicious, than the crackers at the store. Now if only I had some fresh chevre to go with them.