the hipster life

I've been a bit obsessed with the tensions between embracing the wonder and exoticism of being a digital nomad while critiquing the privilege and cliche-ness of that life. The "expat"/traveler/hipster haven of Fabrika, just a few blocks away from our Airbnb apartment, embodies everything I am loving and hating about my position here. I've heard about it more than once in the past few weeks, but until last night I thought it was just a bar and music venue where American PCVs (Peace Corps volunteers) and backpackers hang out. Turns out it's an entire ecosystem of start-ups, cowriting spaces, cafes, a hostel, and more inside a giant converted Soviet sewing factory. I only entered the space for the first time last night, and now I'm here with a cappuccino and my laptop, awkwardly embracing my inevitable role. 

Here's a smattering of hipsta-fied pictures from the last few days to illustrate: