Listvyanka - On the Shores of Baikal

Long time, no talk, travel blog!

Remember last summer when I went to Russia? Oh, I didn't tell you about that? Boy, that's an oversight. Because probably my favorite part of the whole summer -- and that's saying something -- was the two days Ingrid and I spent in Listvyanka, a small fishing and tourist village on the shores of Lake Baikal. 

The town is the standard jumping off point for exploring the whole Baikal region, but we just made a brief trip during our 10-day stay in Irkutsk. 

The place spoke to me. First, there was the cold, misty, foggy weather when we arrived. A damp, gray, lakeside village with painted wooden cabins and plenty of hot tea and plov (steamy rice pilaf)?? Yes, please! The next morning dawned clear, bright and warm, giving us a glimpse into one of Baikal's many other personalities. 

The smoked omul (fish native to the lake) can't be beat. The Nerparium -- home to trained Nerpa seals with eyes like deep oil wells -- was a treat. And for those in the market for handicrafts, the knitted socks and delicate wooden boxes are a must-see.

I want to go again. For now, I'll just enjoy these pictures: